Why is hiring Sales Talent one of the most difficult skills in India?

Surprised? Don’t be. Hiring Sales Talent ranks second most difficult skills as per “2018 Talent Shortage Survey” by Manpower Group, “59% of Indian employers say they can’t find the skills they need”

as per “2018 Talent Shortage Survey” by Manpower Group for India

Successful selling is a combination of acquiring the required skills and practice. Top Sales Methodology can help to acquire the skills, but great selling techniques are nurtured with practice, practice and practice over the years. The most successful sellers work relentlessly toward improvement, practice habitually, and grow exponentially with each interaction. Acquiring an ace sales approach requires time and commitment.

Successful Sales Talent have the rare but right balance of “empathy of your best friend” and “compassion of top sports star”

What is it that you should eye for while hiring a sales talent?


A successful seller with empathy gets to feel what their customers feel. Empathy is a great skill that helps the seller to anticipate what a customer needs. By understanding customer perspective, they know how to tailor their product or service offering which calls for the deal.

Ability to Listen

A successful seller knows that listening is one of the most important skills to sell. It’s those who have grasped listening skills can recognizing customer’s motivation.

Communications Skills

There’s no alternative to having excellent communication skills both verbal and written to be a successful seller. They know how to use customer language and avoid jargon and tough to understand industry lingo.

Ability to Network

Successful seller enjoys to network. They get engaged in their community and have many different business relationships. They don’t look at networking being part of their job but is the way they like to spend their time.


Believing in yourself, your organization and the product or service you are selling is essential. That comes across as confidence that’s infectious and establish customer trust.


A successful seller is always self-motivated. They are always ready to engage with the customer at any given moment and continually looking for opportunities.


Successful sellers always measure their skills against their peers. They don’t just want to get better at what they do; they want to be better than everyone else. They are always competing with themselves as well as the world around them.


Being curious is the way of life, whether it is about their customer or competition, they keep a tab on what’s happening in the industry and eager to learn a new skill.


A successful seller knows how to get the job done, without being rude or pushy. They know most people face challenging obstacles before they reach their goal. They know how to work through these obstacles.


Successful sellers are passionate not only for sales but about their company, product or services they sell as well as their customers. Passion build trust with customers and they are the best brand advocates.  

Source Dilbert by Scott Adams

By the virtue of the nature of work, successful sales talent possesses a unique set of personality traits that enable them to succeed. Mediocre sales performance cannot be camouflaged, as a seller’s success or failure is revealed immediately by the sales performance matrix. It takes a distinct kind of individual to succeed in sales and become a successful sales talent.

Neelesh Kumar Rastogi

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  1. Nice article, really like the quote “Successful Sales Talent have the rare but right balance of “empathy of your best friend” and “compassion of top sports star”

  2. I am surprised, I always thought hiring tech is most difficult followed by customer support. This is insightful.
    Thank for sharing.

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